Roof Repairs

Residential & Commercial


Since 2000 Brian Creech Roofing has been repairing roofs all across the Triangle region of North Carolina. We have the years of experience to find why your home’s roof is leaking, and the expertise to stop it from becoming worse as well as prevent future damage from occurring! We are specially trained for home and business roof repairs. From leaks to damaged shingles (and everything in between), we are fully equipped to handle all of your roof repair needs.

Expert Repair Across The Triangle

Roof repairs are generally fast and easy, and sometimes a roof repair can be as simple as installing some new shingles. Roof repairs are significantly less expensive since they require less time, labor, and materials. Roof repairs are less inconvenient than replacements, and there are fewer materials to dispose of.

We Will Repair Your Roof Better Than New

The process is simple…you place a call to Brian Creech Roofing at (919) 269-8599 and schedule a free, no obligation damage assessment. We can meet your insurance adjustor, negotiate all necessary damage repairs, and reach a fair and equitable settlement for the homeowner. Brian Creech Roofing will then presents an agreement with the homeowner to complete the repairs for the settlement amount. We will perform the roof repair using the highest quality products to restore your home to the same (or better!) condition.


At Brian Creech Roofing LLC, we pride ourselves in providing quality craftsmanship for all of our projects, that's why we are proud of hand nail services!

Roofing Repair Services

You may not always need a completely new roof- sometimes a roof repair is all that is needed. Brian Creech Roofing repair services are unmatched in the Triangle. Our team understands that the roof repair process can be stressful- we are here to help! Call our customer service team for an experience that is friendly, high-quality, accessible and transparent. We will walk you through the process step-by-step- No surprises!

Common Problem Areas on Residential Roofs

Our roof repair services begin with a thorough inspection of your roof for signs of failure. When it comes to residential structures, the first place we check is the chimney due to its multiple layers of flashing that have a high potential for water leakage. Other problem areas are commonly found near the:

✔ Skylights
✔ Plumbing vents
✔ Gooseneck vents
✔ Valleys
✔ Wall flashings
✔ Eave and gutter aprons
✔ Fascia and soffit

Local Roofing Company Serving the Triangle

Based in Zebulon, North Carolina, Brian Creech Roofing has been the premier roofing company for Triangle Area communities since our inception in 2000. You’ll be hard-pressed to find another local roofing contractor with the same level of experience and the same commitment to providing exceptional craftsmanship.

When you join the Brian Creech Roofing family, we’ll be there for you even after we repair your roof back to optimal condition. Contact us today to set up a free roof repair proposal and estimate. We invite you to come visit us and experience the difference!

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